Miles Sagnia

Miles Sagnia

Atmospheric Existence, Ornate Music

For the more discerning listener… Presenting many shades of sound, from blissed out Ambient textures to industrial machine funk with soul, via the waves of House & Techno. Blurring the lines to deliver sets with emotion, groove and power.

Having been involved in performances across the UK, Europe and Worldwide since 1997, from London to China, Miles has had several past residencies such as The Boutique @ Turnmills (London) and many guest spots at events who book Miles for the more discerning listener. Not one to compromise, he continues on his quest to deliver sets with a specific impact.

Miles Sagnia is the man behind Atmospheric Existence Recordings, which has received great support across the board and stands up as a true British imprint which is resolute in it’s approach and style and has won many people over with the releases being charted and supported from many acclaimed DJs, including Santiago Salazar (DJ S2, UR), Dave Clarke, Peter Van Hoesen, Keith Worthy, Chez Damier, Kirk Degiorgio, Jus-Ed, Kai ‘KZR’ Alce, Levon Vincent, Alton Miller, Dan Curtin, to name but a few.

Miles releases have featured on labels such as Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART-UK), Aesthetic Audio (Detroit USA), Ornate Music (London), Nowar (Belgium), Finale Sessions (USA), Living City Music (UK), Reform (USA/UK), Also Ran (UK), Dot (UK) Inner Shift (UK) alongside his own, with releases forthcoming.